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London Dry Gin

It's no coincidence... 4 years spent in Grasse in the marvelous world of perfumery allowed us to set foot in the mysterious universe of stills, maceration vats and botanicals...

Learn, in contact with passionate professionals, how to extract and fix aromas, assemble spicy compounds to create new perfumes... it was already to put the second in the universe  magical of  Gin.

There is no evidence either... and making Gin is not one... You have to be patient, persevering and creative at the same time. More than 2 years of work will therefore have been necessary to achieve the creation of L'Ô DE JŌ.  

The Ô DE JŌ is the  name that sings of a pleasant and floral fragrance. It is an eau-de-vie with delicate and balanced notes. It's the promise of a great time.  The Ô DE JŌ is  also the first brand of Gin distilled in Meursault, right in the heart  of Burgundy, using  in his recipe number 1  two varieties of mustard.  

L'Ô DE JŌ is finally and above all a message that we transmit  to our children  : don't be afraid to be creative  ! 

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