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It was in 2014 that Charles-Guillaume and Blandine Simon, rooted in Burgundy for several generations,  took over this former wine merchant founded in 1840. Built  in the heart of Meursault, the place had fallen into oblivion for more than 50 years. After a long phase of renovation and installation, their craft and family business finally saw the light of day with a simple idea: to make you discover exceptional spirits combining tradition and modernity!


From this alliance, they created 5  product lines: Esprit de Vin, Esprit de fruit, L'Ô DE JŌ (Dry Gin), BAR JŌ a delicious pastis  and a range of tasty liqueurs.  In 2019, they invest in a still with the desire to continue the creation of their own artisanal and independent distillery. 

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