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Clos Saint Joseph - notre verger
Clos Saint-Joseph Eau de vie Mirabelle
Clos Saint-Joseph Eau de vie Poire Willi
Clos Saint Joseph - Poire Williams


 Flavor Creator

Esprit de Fruit is the quintessence of the fruit through Spirits always impregnated by Burgundy.  


This range is based on a process of creating a real Burgundian arboreal estate. In 2018, in order to ensure our development and control the quality of our fruits, we planted  an orchard of 150 trees (Williams Pear, Mirabelle plum, Peach, Cherry) a few kilometers from Beaune.  This orchard is  conducted by us in organic farming  (open-wind trees, use of natural products for treatments and harvesting by hand) for a first harvest in 2020.  

In order to always respect the flavors of the fruits and to give them back to you in the best possible way in the bottle, we take care of all the stages of the production of our spirits (harvesting, raisining, fermentation, distillation and ageing).

Our products are aged in Meursault in our aging cellar.  The distillates are aged in glass demijohns according to the process of "  ventilation under sail  "which allows time to calm"  alcohol fire  !  


Again, bottling is done when the time has come, by hand and with the family. 

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