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BAR JŌ is the perfect combination of star anise, green anise and  liquorice.  

It is  also the mixture of  more than 30 different botanicals which, infused and distilled  separately, bring to our  Assembly  a nice balance. The aniseed notes are heightened by delicate herbaceous or even vanilla notes. None  takes precedence over others. The cream-coloured precipitate is intense and shiny.  

Perfect as an aperitif, BAR JŌ likes to be diluted between 4 and 7 times its volume with very fresh water. Ice cubes can be added but after the water.  

BAR JŌ is also and perhaps above all an Ethical and Fair Trade Pastis.  After the health crisis that has affected the world and in anticipation of the difficult months ahead of us,  we wanted to work directly with the producers. This is how we have forged partnerships with  fair trade companies that produce  our spices  (Star anise in the heart of Cambodia, Bourbon Vanilla and Peppers  in Madagascar...). BAR JŌ and L'Ô DE JŌ are therefore jointly inaugurating this new route of ethical alcohols on which we  propose to follow us.  

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